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Use Directions of Yanghu Brand Toes-protecting Safe Leather Shoes
1.As the leather shoes of protecting toes, the shoes are produced referring to LD50-94 standard.
2.The shoes mainly apply to metallurgy, machinery, construction, felling, transportation and other industries to prevent toes from being injured when weight things falling.
3.The sole has certain oil resistance and the upper is made of leather, cloth and sponge, etc, which facilitate wearers’ labors and operations.
4.Endurance of the shoes: when pressure of 10KN acts on toe cap with 1min, inside clearance is not less than 15mm.
5.Bounce impact force of toe cap: after the jump bit with 23kg freely falling from the height of 450mm to impact the toe cap, inside clearance height of toe cap is less than 15mm.

Use Directions of Yanghu Brand Electrical-insulating Leather Shoes
1.As electricians’ safe protecting article, the shoes are produced referring to GB12011-2000 standard.
2.The product not only applies to the low-pressure electrician working under 380V, but also can be used as the safe protection article for general work, having certain oil resistant effect.
3.During wearing, the product should avoid sharp implements, because once sharp article pierces into insulating sole or anti skid designs on sole are worn flat, the shoes won’t have insulating property.
4.Insulating property standard of the product: in 6kv withstand voltage test for leather shoe inside and sole underside, they won’t be broken within two minutes: leakage current does not exceed 1.8mA each kilovolt.
5.If the products are unqualified, our factory will change for you. (when changing, consumers should provide the original test data on the products issued by the legal test organizations authorized by the state, and take along originating product and certificate of conformity for our check.)
6.When wearing insulating leather, people should avoid contacting sharp implements and strictly prohibit the sole is nailed with iron nail to prevent insulating property from reducing, after being worn for a period of time, preventative electrical insulation test should be made to guarantee the security.

Use Directions of Yanghu Brand Piercing-defending Leather Shoes
1.Put steel sheet on upside of sole to prevent sharp implements and articles from piercing through sole to injure workers’ sole of foot.
2.The product mainly applies to mining, machinery, construction, metallurgy, felling, transportation and other industries.
3.Anti-piercing force of the shoes is not less than 780N when the sole is pierced through by a iron nail with hardness of HRC52, ¢4.5mm±25mm top end of ¢1.00mm±0.02mm and length of 60mm with speed of 25mm/min, thus the shoes achieve aim of security.

Use Directions of Yanghu Brand Antistatic Leather Shoes
1.As the protective shoes of eliminating stationary electrode accumulation of human body and prevent the electric shock of current less than 250V, the shoes are produced referring to GB4385-1995 standard.
2.The shoes apply to all places existing electrostatic nuisance and hazard to prevent the burning and explosion caused because human body has static (such as operational fields in oil, chemical industry, coal mine, printing, rubber, medical treatment, purifying, electron and other industries.)
3.When wearing antistatic shoes and current conducting shoes, people should not wear insulating wool thick socks and insoles at the same time, preventing the shoes from being used as insulating shoes.
4.The places using antistatic shoes should have antistatic floor, while the places using current conducting shoes should have floor which can conduct electricity.
5.Antistatic shoes should be worn matching with antistatic dress. Please pay attention to product cleanness, water proofing and damp protection.
6.During wearing, people should make resistance test once generally under 200h, if the resistance is not within prescribed range, the shoes can not be used as antistatic leather shoes.

Use Directions of Yanghu Brand High-temperature Protective Leather Shoes
1.The shoes refer to the special-type protective shoes worn by personnel working under high temperature to avoid feet being injured when feet meeting heat radiation, molten metal spark or splash and feet moving a period of time on hot object plane (generally refer to temperature not more than 300℃).
2.As special-type protective shoes, high-temperature protective shoes apply to be worn by workers working in high-temperature fields such as smelting, casting, metal hot-work, coking, industrial furnace and so on.
3.Resistance to high temperature of the outsole refers to the capability that appearance of the outsole won’t soften, fuse and craze when the outsole contacting hot object plane with some temperature under certain pressure intensity.
4.Extra-thick high-temperature resistant sole produced by our factory is the substitute of original and obsolete tyre sole footware, such new product can make workers working under high temperature more comfortable and much safer.

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